Judge says drill, Obama says appeal

          President Obama and Salazar got their butts kicked by a federal judge who overturned the six-month drilling moratorium. Michelle Malkin at Human Events gives the details on the ruling and the president and Interior Secretary Ken Salazar’s knee-jerk stomp on energy … aimed at promoting their ill-considered future for American energy.

          What we really need is a judge and an administration who recognize that drilling in deep water adds unnecessary complications and expense to extracting oil and dealing with spills. A moratorium on deep water drilling is a smart move–as long as wells are allowed in shallow water or on shore.

          We can clearly see from the evidence of the Deepwater Horizon catastrophe that common sense has been lost. The environmentalists and politicians who rode the deep-pockets of the oil industry into this mess need a dose of common sense and logic.

          And, when the butt-kicking eventually comes around, their names need to be included on the list of those about to assume the position right beside BP.

          Obama promises to appeal and Salazar pledges to reinstate the moratorium. What a mess–and it’s not just the one in the Gulf.

Who benefits from blocking clean-up resources?

          Walter E. Williams latest column at Human Events is revealing, as always. Protectionism, and not just for the nation, is at the heart of preventing foreign flagged and crewed oil skimmers out of the Gulf.


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