McChrystal loses war with Obama

          The battle between the general in charge of Afghanistan and the president is most likely over. As reported by MSNBC, the general’s mouth became a landmine he triggered with both feet criticizing his bosses in an unbelievably foolish interview with Rolling Stone magazine.

           The relationship between Gen. Stanley McChrystal and Barack Obama began with a president, uncommitted to fighting a war he inherited, appointing a military officer, rated the best man for the job by his peers and superiors, to run the war in Afghanistan.

          Connie Hair at Human Events reports Sen. John Kerry’s remarks on the Obama-McChrystal skirmish.

          Read the Rolling Stone interview on MSNBC that sparked McChrystal’s recall.

           NBC’s Richard Engel reveals how Rolling Stone correspondent Michael Hastings got the McChrystal interview after volcanic ash stranded the writer in Europe.

          Newsweek’s Jonathan Alter opines McChrystal must resign.


          Tony Harndon at the Daily Telegraph reports a resignation has been tendered.

          Glen Thrush at Politico gives a rundown on Obama’s options and the battle plan disputes for the Battle of Kandahar offensive and the war in general that produced the situation.


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