Incendiary free speech: expressed opinion spurs arsons

     In the Show Me State, one man expressed his opinion that Democrats are the party of parasites. An intolerant critic of the man’s viewpoint decided to show the farmer their displeasure.

     Twice, someone torched the 40-foot truck trailer sign and when that failed to obliterate the message, a farmhouse on the man’s property was burned. His sign, singed but still readable, remains in a corn field next to a busy highway. Having made his point, the sign would have been removed by now, but the vandals burned the trailer’s tires.

     These incidents are the latest in a series of physical attacks against conservatives, Tea Party demonstrators, anti-union forces, Constitutionalists and rule-of-law proponents. The left characterizes the right as the intolerant ones, but it was union thugs who beat a conservative black man, egged Tea Party buses, terrorized the son of a banker after police escorted protestors into a residential neighborhood, and other displays of thuggish behavior. Among anti SB 1070 demonstrators, some destroyed and vandalized private and public property and assaulted those with opposing views.

     It’s hypocrisy of the vilest kind to engage in this kind of behavior while trying to lay claim to some moral high ground. Pot, meet kettle.


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