For Arizona it is politics before security

          An Arizona Republic story states that securing the border is an impossible task, so unfeasible that comprehensive amnesty is the only solution. The U.S. cannot stop all illegal immigration so why try. His example that drugs and criminal acts take place in jails is a weak straw-man argument. Law enforcement does not surrender the jails to the inmate, and neither should the country surrender to illegal migration. 

           Redstate posted this video and report of Sen. Jon Kyl’s revelation that in a White House meeting the president refused to consider border security unless comprehensive amnesty is part of the deal. Obama chooses to play politics with national security issues. 

          The Other McCain addresses Kyl’s remarks, which were recorded at a townhouse meeting in Southern Arizona attended by the author’s infamous distant relative and senator from the Copper State, for whom Kyl is campaigning. 

          Smitty nailed it. This morning a White House deputy press secretary called Kyl a liar. The fight is on. Sen. Kyl also reminded President Obama that the President and the Congress has an obligation and a duty to secure the border.

Kyl refuses to back down

          The Washington Examiner reports a Kyl interview with KVOI radio in Arizona, in which Kyl says his account of the Oval Office conversation is accurate.  The Obama Administration relies on Chicago-style smear tactics to bully cooperation, but calling Kyl a liar won’t stick, especially with Arizonans.

          When has comprehensive anything been accomplished effectively by federal government? And will Obama ever see the wisdom of putting national security ahead of political blackmail?

Connie Hair at Human Events comments on Kyl’s Arizona held hostage for amnesty remarks.

          The last thing Arizona needs is this group going vigilante in the desert reported by the Arizona Daily Star. So far, no reports of arrests or violence. A watchful citizenry is essential, but neo Nazis, gangs and extremists are more help to SB 1070’s critics than the overwhelming and non-racist Americans who support it.

          Apprehension and detention is the job of law enforcement, not armed thugs.


          A beaten and bruised President Barack Obama further unveiled his newly adopted political butt-kicking persona by attacking the integrity of Arizona Sen. Jon Kyl, a Republican and one of the few sitting members of the Senate against whom Obama’s charge resound with disingenuousness.  

          Obama’s crew picked the wrong senator to call a liar on national television. It’s a desperate tactic by an overwhelmed political machine flailing about for an issue to slow the inexorable slide in the president’s popularity.

          The hope and change hysteria has morphed into disenchantment and discontent among former stalwart supporters confronting the chafing reality of a leader lacking the ability and character to be one.

          Kyl’s career is built on honesty, integrity and personal honor. Obama, whose origin and past is shrouded and littered with cronies also sadly lacking when compared with Kyl’s personal reputation.

          Ronald Reagan believed that truth and goodness triumphs over evil. Based on the evidence of past performance, modus operandi, motivation and character, Obama is at a distinct disadvantage challenging Kyl.

          Obama sent Bill Burton, a deputy White House press flack in front of the cameras in a deliberate attempt to besmirch Kyl’s reputation. One of the two is lying. One of the men actually at the private meeting stated the subject of their conversation for the record.

          Statesman that he is, Kyl will stand resolutely by his statement, and do so as an honorable person.

          Obama admitted to a sitting member of the Senate that he is deliberately violating the terms of his sacred oath of office to uphold the Constitution and the laws of the United States. His rational is to push for social policies the majority of American citizens reject.

          Constitutionally, Obama is on thin ice. If evidence exists that Obama conspired with his staff to intentionally delay border enforcement solely to gain leverage against political opponents, then an impeachable offense has occurred.


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