By what authority?

Ben Stein, writing for The American Spectator asks by what authority the president acts to create and enforce new enactments without Congressional legislation. Pointing out the fears driving the Tea Party, Stein sees the need for Obama to be stopped.

Daniel Oliver predicts a crash and burn for our unqualified president.

Obama’s oil spill action effectively thuggery

Michael Barone, in the Washington Examiner, casts the president’s delayed response to the oil spill in dim terms.

As Gulf residents get a belly full of oil, Obama puts a knife to the throat of the one industry in the region that could keep the local economy staggering along until the environment is cleaned up and recovers.

There are oil companies with much better safety records than BP that are pulling out of the Gulf to drill elsewhere. The country needs the oil until real alternatives are reality. Shutting down drilling only increases U.S. dependence on foreign sources.

The Deepwater Horizon incident has conclusively shown one monumental error. The partnership of cozy government, environmentalists, and public apathy produced the conditions for this catastrophe. The Gulf oil can, and should be, be produced from shallow water and on-shore wells. There should never again be a deep water blowout like this one. This one should not have happened because oil wells need not have been drilled in deep water.

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