Arizona lawsuits and governor campaigns

Brewer vs Clinton, Arizona vs Obama

      Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s revelation that the Department of Justice intends to file a lawsuit against Arizona’s SB 1070 seems to have come as a surprise only to the state’s governor. Clinton jumped the gun misspeaking during an Ecuadorian interview a week ago, but the lines are clearly drawn.

     Jan Brewer is in the middle of a re-election campaign that just got stripped financially after the Supreme Court struck down the state’s Clean Election law. Brewer needs the surge of support, gained by signing the controversial immigration law and defying the Obama Administration’s opposition, to raise campaign contributions. She lost $700,000 to $1.9 million of tax-payer money campaign funds the court blocked.

     Of the three Republican she faces, only Buz Mills presents a serious challenge, but it’s a formidable task to unseat a popular incumbent.

     Mills, a self-made entrepreneur, is raising funds the old-fashioned way. He can afford to add to the $2.4 million already spent. Mills is on board with Brewer on border and immigration issues, but Brewer championed a newly approved sale tax increase and is weak on deficit and spending reduction. Mills champions a pro-business approach, tax cuts and smaller government. His stump speech is well received wherever he speaks. In a televised debate, Brewer and Mills trounced the other Republican candidates, but no clear winner emerged. Against an unpopular incumbent Mills would be a shoo-in for the Republican nomination.

     The likely Democratic challenger, Arizona Attorney General Terry Goddard opposes SB 1070. At Brewer’s request the A.G. recused himself from defending the state against multiple lawsuits already filed. Arizona Democrats would prefer a campaign against the relatively unknown Mills, but are far from assured of an easy victory.

Pouring gasoline on the fire

     A sadly predictable result from renewed publicity about border regions on the United States side closed three years ago to Americans and new warning signs to stay out of smuggling corridors will only inflame critics’ racial profiling charges.

     This moron called for a weekend gathering of armed rednecks, racists and vigilantes to patrol the smuggler’s routes south of Interstate 8 where a sheriff’s deputy was wounded and two Mexican nationals were murdered in recent clashes with smugglers.

     Pinal County Sheriff Paul Babeu discourages attendance, but admits law enforcement is not in control of the area. It’s a recipe for disaster and will only encourage extremists with agendas of their own. They can expect a heavy police presence and cooler heads on both sides of the issue are correct to demand full accountability and prosecution for any illegal activities by the Minutemen on Steroids.


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One Response to Arizona lawsuits and governor campaigns

  1. JeffC says:

    Good take on this. Your linked Human Events article should be required reading.

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