Federal authorities surrender Arizona to Mexican smugglers

Contrary to our President’s and Homeland Security Director Janet Napolitano’s position that our borders are more secure than ever, the U.S. Department of Fish and Wildlife has declared large parts of the Buenos Aires Wilderness area in Arizona off-limits to U.S. Citizens.

In an official notice Fish and Wildlife stated:

“The situation in this zone has reached a point where continued public use of the area is not prudent.

The Buenos Aires National Wildlife Refuge has been adversely affected by border-related activities. The international border with Mexico has also become increasingly violent.

Assaults on law enforcement officers and violence against migrants have escalated.  Violence on the Refuge associated with smugglers and border bandits has been well documented.

Many of these activities are concentrated at, or near, the border. The concentration of illegal activity, surveillance and law enforcement interdictions make these zones dangerous.

Closure is in effect until further notice.”

So while our President and Homeland Security Secretary, a former Arizona governor, fiddle, Arizona is burning.

To those “caring” folks who believe that all of this land was stolen from Mexico, please read about the Gadsen Purchase in your non-politically correct history books.  The U.S. bought and paid for this area with cold hard cash, dealing in what we though was good faith with our neighbors along our southern border.

I wonder how long it would take to seal our borders if 500-plus illegals a day had been traipsing through the Kennedy compound?  Will Nancy Pelosi cry more crocodile tears over the loss of our sovereign territory and safety, or are these concerns just more “AstroTurf”.

This coincides with the Bureau of Land Management’s posting of new signs warning Americans to stay out of the Antelope Peak area between Casa Grande and Gila Bend. Smuggling operations there, about 80 miles north of the “secured”Mexican border make the areas used as corridors for drugs and illegal immigrants unsafe for Americans.

Watch this Fox News report with comments by Pinal County Sheriff Paul Babeu on this unprecedented abrogation of the government’s responsibility to protect and secure our sovereign lands and citizens.


Today, Fox News reports that the government has no plans to reopen U.S. tax-payer owned land closed to U.S. citizens, but used as a smugglers corridor.

This report talks about environmental regulations and restricions that limit the Border Patrol’s access to park lands. Smuggling activities inflict major damage on land the regulations were promulgated to protect.


Governor Jan Brewer took advantage of the publicity over closed land and newly posted warnings to residents to stay away from certain areas to appeal for donations to support the legal fund to defend SB 1070.


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4 Responses to Federal authorities surrender Arizona to Mexican smugglers

  1. James McPherson says:

    Hmm… Why would Fox News (for what was the lead story for much of the day on its website), which you declined to cite, dig up a public document that was more than three years old (from when GW Bush was president and John McCain opposed a border fence), copy-and-paste a direct quote lifted from the document as if someone at Fox had actually spoken to the source quoted, and then quote McCain’s favorite sheriff from a non-border county throughout the “story”?

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  3. jc12570 says:

    Mr Mc Pherson, I’ve been to your blog and read your response. Here’s mine:

    I have lived in southern AZ since 1964, when I was 12 years old. I grew up loving the multi-cultural, diverse way of life we have here.

    I honor the Hispanic traditions and have gladly adopted many of the parts of their culture that have been imprinted on this community.

    I have also hiked and motorcycled through many of the back roads and deserts in our unique and beautiful Sonoran desert.

    Let me give you a different take on our plight down here. Suppose for just a minute that we totally ignore all of the “immigration” issues that can be argued back and forth. Let’s leave the “high moral arguments” out of this for just the sake of this discussion.

    Here are some facts for review:

    Our border with Mexico is over 2000 miles long. 365 miles of it are in Arizona. Estimates are that fully half of the illegal drug trade between Mexico and the US is coming in through AZ.

    It is also estimated that 50% of illegal immigration is also being funneled through that same 365 miles. Again, we’re not talking about immigration here, just the statistics. With conservative estimates of 12 to 15 million “undocumented workers” in the US at this time, it is easy to do the math and find out that over 6 million of those people came through our state.

    Much of that 365 miles is owned by the people of the US in the form of National Parks, but not all of it. Some of it is, and has been in private family ranches for generations.

    I know some of these folks. I know people who have had to put gates on their land and signs in Spanish that say “Please do not cut our fences, Use the gate.” I know people who will not walk on their own land unarmed because of the danger of running into armed drug smugglers.

    There are now uniformed Mexican soldiers being seen north of the border on a regular basis. The drug cartels have been photographed grading dirt roads that they use for transport right after a rain. There are more and more “military style” groups of armed smugglers driving and walking into AZ while our Federal government announces that the borders are safer than ever before.

    The new signs that have been posted in AZ are 80 miles north of the border. 80 miles. North of Tucson, the home of over 3/4 million law abiding residents.

    Would it be ok to post the same sign within 80 miles of New York, or Boston, or Portland? Would you support the cessation of the human caused damage to one of our National Wilderness Areas if it was in the Pacific Northwest?

    Would you support the property rights of the people in your neighborhood if over 250 illegals cut your fence and walked through your property every day? And if while they were walking through Cape Cod, if they just threw their old backpacks, diapers, water bottles, toilet paper and human excrement on the beaches there? What if it took a rolloff commercial trash bin to put all the garbage in every week on your property?

    What if the beautiful small town you grew up in had become rife with home invasions, drug murders, and kidnappings? What if your state paid some of the highest car insurance rates in the country due to the incredibly high rate of cars being stolen and driven to Mexico.

    How do you feel about murders and rapes being committed by “undocumented workers” who have been caught and released as many as nine times prior.

    This issue is not just about the rights of poor undocumented workers. It is about equal protection under the law for all of our citizens.

    It is about the complete failure of the Federal government under multiple administrations to do what must be done. What would be done if this situation was happening almost anywhere else on either of our coasts?

    Would you want that stuff to happen where you live?

    Mr. McPherson, it is too easy to speak in global generalities about “comprehensive immigration reform”. Speak to us of how we can live safely in our homes while the rule of law is ignored.

    Speak to us of OUR human rights that are being trampled while you decry the plight of the immigrants. Tell me how you would feel if your wife could no longer ride horses in the desert she loves because their are armed foreign cartels operating in our neighborhood.

    I could go on and on, but I’m interested in your reasoned discourse on how you would protect “me”, a law abiding, non-racist, US citizen.

    Doesn’t “sealing the border” come to mind?

    I’ve also posted this on YOUR blog Mr. McPherson, because I’m interested in your response.

  4. James McPherson says:

    While my comment was more about the Fox New distortion than about immigration as a whole, I’ll answer your honest query. Believe it or not, as someone who lived in Arizona for five years and whose brother and son both have lived in Tucson for decades (interestingly, they have opposite views on your new law, further illustrating the complexity of the issue), I can relate to many of the concerns expressed here. I also live now in a city (Spokane) that has been heavily impacted in some similar ways by the meth crisis.

    So yes, “sealing the border” does come to mind for me. And then is rejected as an impractical solution. As long as there is a huge American demand for illegal drugs and cheap labor, there will be border issues.

    So how to address those issues? As noted above, if we really wanted to stop illegal immigration, the easiest way to do so would be to jail and/or heavily fine those who employ them, rather than asking police to play “spot the illegal.” And legalizing drugs might help with the demand issue.

    But as I’ve also said elsewhere, I don’t think legislators won’t ever approve either of those ideas, in large part because some of their biggest donors are those (corporate farms, the construction industry, etc.) who benefit most from the cheap labor offered by immigrants.

    Sadly it’s much easier, even if much less effective, to demonize migrants and to pretend that we can keep out the things that so many of us apparently think we can’t live without. Thanks.

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