Character and motive, not skin color is the issue

It is revolting the way liberals attempt to play the race card whenever there is criticism of their darling community organizer President Barack Obama. It is not the color of his skin, but the quality of his character and his destructive progressive policies, socialism by any other name, that angers conservative Americans.

David Limbaugh makes valid points to refute the racist persona linked to conservatives in this column.

When Attorney General Eric Holder accused Americans of being “a nation of cowards” on racial issues he insulted the majority of Americans. This is not a nation of cowards. It is a nation that has had enough of race baiting and its proponents’ attempts to narrow national issues to merely skin color and ethnic background.

Blogger Lori Ziganto cites an example of the Los Angeles NAACP going after Hallmark Cards. Evidently, the organization cannot differentiate between black holes, scientifically confirmed entities in the vast reaches of the universe, and black whores.

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