Feds catch and release Mexican arms smugglers

Imagine being caught for being in a foreign country illegally with a cache of semi-automatic rifles, thousands of rounds of ammunition and high-capacity magazines for the guns. In some countries, a long prison sentence, even the death penalty, would be likely.

Not in the good old U.S. of A. Read this story on Foxnews.com and see if your blood pressure doesn’t go up a notch.

No further comments will be made by authorities after one smuggler got a sentence of 10 days and his cohort received a 45-day sentence. This had better be a plea bargain for cooperation to nail some bigger fish. If not, an investigation must be launched and this kind of catch-and-release leniency put to a stop.


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1 Response to Feds catch and release Mexican arms smugglers

  1. Katz says:

    Absolutely! This is unbelieveable! You know it warrants an investigation into who’s side the law is on in this case when the powers that be have nothing to add. They want it to go away before we’ve even seen it. This is clearly racial bias in favor of murdering drug smugglers!

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