SEIU travel warning

Service Employees International Union is boycotting Arizona, (again? still?) over SB 1070. The union has eked out its survival in the desert, but failed to make real progress turning Arizona into a pro-union state.

If the misinterpretations in SEIU’s  parody issuing a travel warning to Arizona visitors is indicative of their ability to honestly and truthfully frame their position, it’s no wonder the union has done poorly here.

The official SEIU web site says, “If you plan to visit Arizona this summer, please call our travel advisory hotline first to understand the implications of Arizona’s newest law that allows police to use “reasonable suspicion” to detain anyone they believe may not be an American citizen.”

Arizona is a right-to-work state, so SEIU’s motivation to boycott the state over SB-1070 is about more than their concern’s alleging human rights and racial profiling violations. This stunt, like the police escorted bus assault on the banker’s house, failed to win them any friends.

With California and New York on the brink of bankruptcy, the union is desperate for more workers. They are needed to cover the soon-to-be insolvent pension and benefits programs the union has been successful in foisting on this country. SEIU doesn’t care about the immigration status of its members.

If they were serious about reaching illegal immigrants, they’d have posted their absurd travel warning in Spanish. “For English, please press two.”

You can see their ad here.
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2 Responses to SEIU travel warning

  1. Katz says:

    SEIU has done nothing for workers in AZ, where we’ve also discovered FED laws don’t protect employees either. Here, servers are paid as little a $2.15 + tips, the employer doesn’t have to provide breaks or meals or ANY of the perks enjoyed by service workers elsewhere. SEIU hasn’t supported us in the past, why should we expect more now?

  2. JeffC says:

    Interesting, the site asks you to sign a petition against SB1070 for a number of reasons, until it is “… superseded by comprehensive federal immigration.”

    Notice the lack of the word reform at the end. I think we are looking at an SEIU “Freudian slip”.

    For these open boarder advocates, they really mean what they say. Comprehensive federal immigration to the US, welfare, healthcare, no taxes, unionized and voting Democrat to get more benefits.

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