Illegal immigrant gangs in the USA

Newsmax columnist James Walsh clearly understands the danger of an insecure national border and the consequences that are spreading across the nation.

Follow this link to read his revealing column.

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Once again the Mexico-based smugglers of drugs and illegal border crossers brought their brutal violence to Arizona. Two unidentified bodies were found in the desert close to the area where a sheriff’s deputy was ambushed and shot a month ago.

Like the wounded deputy’s ordeal, this one began with a call to 911 Sunday evening pleading for help out in a rugged desert area between Tucson and Phoenix. The caller reported he and another man had been shot. Deputies found the bodies of two young Hispanic men near a trash littered migrant camp about two and a-half miles south of Interstate 8 near Antelope Peak.

Pinal County Sheriff’s office spokeswoman Lt.Tamitha Villar said deputies found the first shooting victim through GPS. The second victim and AR-15 type rifle were found nearby. The men were not carrying identification. It’s also not clear if the victims knew the shooter or who dropped the rifle.

The area is a known smuggling corridor. Even with regular patrols by federal, state and local law enforcement officers, the smugglers keep coming through. They know the cops cannot catch everyone, and they are known to send decoys of illegal immigrants or smaller amounts of marijuana to draw off the limited number of LEOs on patrol.

I am somewhat familiar with the area. Years ago it was safe to hunt and hike around there or take a group of gun enthusiasts out for some target shooting. It is dangerous ground today. People don’t go out there for fun and recreation anymore.

Here’s an excerpt from a story I wrote last month when a deputy was ambushed by drug smugglers.

Two hundred peace officers conducted an overnight manhunt April 29 for five suspected drug smugglers who ambushed a Pinal County Sheriff’s deputy. Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio had just announced that of the 105 arrested during a two-day crime sweep in Phoenix, 75 are illegal immigrants when a wounded deputy called for help. Arpaio suspended the crime sweep and sent deputies to assist in the search and rescue mission.

Pinal County Sheriff Paul Babeu said Deputy Louis Puroll, a 15-year veteran, discovered bales of marijuana while patrolling alone in a known drug corridor about 50 miles south of Phoenix. Puroll was tracking the smugglers when he was shot. Of 30-plus rounds fired from ambush, one struck Puroll in the back above the left kidney. The wounded deputy’s 911 call for help is chilling to hear—especially the part when Puroll tells the dispatcher to “hurry, I’ve been shot,” then just before the call ends, “Tell my wife I love her.”

A helicopter homed in on the deputy’s cell phone GPS coordinates, landed safely and picked up the wounded deputy. Officers and helicopters from state and federal agencies joined the search for five suspects armed with AK-47 type rifles and pistols. Puroll, treated for a minor wound and released from the hospital two hours after he was rescued, told Babeu he may have wounded one of the suspects during the shoot out. Authorities detained 17 suspected illegal immigrants during the manhunt, including three who matched Puroll’s descriptions, but the shooter escaped.

 “Arizona is now confronted by some of the most vicious and dangerous narco-terror organizations the world has seen,” Gov. Jan Brewer said.

The manhunt ended Saturday with more than 100 illegal immigrants detained as SB-1070 protestors gathered in Phoenix and numerous other cities. Not far from the State Capitol building where swastikas and signs depicting Gov. Brewer as the “Daughter of Adolf Hitler” waved, is a memorial to Arizona peace officers killed in the line of duty. It contains the names of several officers murdered by smugglers or illegal immigrants. Deputy Puroll’s name could have been next, but there are no memorials for the civilian victims—Mexicans and Americans.


Rev. Kenneth V. Blanchard, the full time pastor of a Baptist church in Washington, DC, an intelligence analyst, author, and producer of The Urban Shooter Podcast and radio show online. understands the problems too.

Read his take here.

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