Author’s article at Human Events

My latest piece posted on Human Event’s website can be found here:

For real entertainment, read the comments following the article by el diablo.

Regarding the comments on the Human Events website, frequently, a number of them are as interesting as the original piece. On occasion, a poster will point out an inaccuracy in fact, sometimes real, and other times a difference in opinion.

Charles Vairin from Colorado Springs commented, “I believe the author made a slight error. The Arizona law does not make it illegal to be in the country without papers, it makes it illegal to be in Arizona without papers.”

SB-1070 mirrors the federal law on the issue. The federal law makes it a crime to be in the country illegally. By extrapolation, Arizona’s law does the same. As a matter of jurisdiction, Arizona’s LEOs won’t be traveling out of the state to enforce the law. Technically, we are both correct.

I welcome your comments on this blog site and encourage readers to participate in lively debate.  Robert M. Engstrom

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1 Response to Author’s article at Human Events

  1. Katz says:

    This ain’t how they do it in Chicago.

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